Posted by: Jess | September 18, 2012

Mac mini for sale

Putting this up here since my apartment complex only gives me 255 characters …

I bought this in March thinking I would be tech savvy enough to decipher the Apple Mac mini world while working 70 hours a week, but it turns out I haven’t been able to undertake that challenge. So instead I bought a Toshiba and I want the Mac mini to go to a home where it will be loved and respected instead of used as a place to sporadically log on and check the weather.

Includes the Mac mini (originally bought for $599 plus tax), Apple magic trackpad (originally bought for $69 plus tax), and Apple wireless keyboard (originally bought for $69 plus tax).

I’ll hypothetically wipe the thing before I give it to you, but that would, again, require me to know what I’m doing.

Also, I have the original boxes and whatnot, so you can pretend it’s brand new if you would like.

Call me at four oh four five two oh seven one seven five to discuss or email me at jessisrae at gmail dot com.

See link for specs:;jsessionid=8BD0891D19100C8FDAD91CAD82BFE800.bbolsp-app01-64?id=1218343212620&skuId=2658068&st=2gb%20mac%20mini&cp=1&lp=1

Posted by: Jess | September 26, 2010

Yarn Shop 2010 — 40% Done!

Yarn Shop Hop 2010 has been, so far, a success. I hit four stores out of 10 yesterday, and plan to hit the rest this week. I have successfully ignored all rolls of the eyes from hubby and many other folks with whom I have discussed plans. Result? I win.

I start out yesterday at 9a and drove to Watkinsville, GA, right outside Athens, GA. Now those of you who know Athens know that it’s the home of the Georgia Bulldogs. Bulldogs are ferocious and so are their fans. I had a temporary moment of panic when I realized that a) it was Saturday and b) it’s college football season, but thankfully the ‘dawgs were out losing their butts somewhere besides GA, so all was well. I breezed into Main Street about 10:45a or so.

Reviews of the place? Wow. SO CUTE!

Look at that! All barn-esque! I felt like I was in Michigan, not 2 hours from Atlanta. Walking inside was warm and comforting and it was filled to the brim with some great stuff! I had stuff to do, however, so I quickly zipped in and out, go the free yarn shop hop pattern, got the yarn, and with passport stamped headed to Lawrenceville.

Ahhh … Lawrenceville. I lived there for a summer when interning with The Weather Channel, but spent very little time actually in downtown. It’s very cute and feels very “old south.” I also learned that Larry Flynt was shot there in the square back in the good old days … who knew? Anyway, I met a great friend for lunch, and she tromped to the yarn store with me. The Yarn Garden was just that … filled with glorious fibers and abundant color. I found some SUPER cool stuff, but hanging with my MO I got the free yarn shop hop pattern … and then another pattern … and maybe one more BUT SHH DON’T TELL TRAV. I also found this yarn I’m in LOVE with … going to have to grab it next time I see it somewhere.

After Sally and I ate, I said “bye!” and headed west. There were three stores I wanted to hit, but because of the Fall Festival in Duluth I ignored that one (I’ll head back next week). In Alpharetta, I hit up Only Ewe & Cotton Too. WOW. Just … wow. What a great space! It’s an old cotton gin/building totally renovated. The guy who owns Only Ewe told me he helped renovate it (and it looks FANTASTIC). He also said it hadn’t been treated for termites in 30 years before they started renovating … he had his work cut out for him, but they did a fantastic job! I stole this picture from someone off the ‘net (if it’s you and you want it down, shoot me an email!).

They share their space with a bead shop, and they had these great yarn shop patterns/yarn/bead packages already put together, so I pulled one of those off the shelf and left for good old Roswell for Cast-On Cottage.

Now COC as it shall be referred to from now on has been talked up to me in a big way by the ladies in my knitting club. I’d never been, but as soon as I walked in I could tell why they loved it. The owners are super warm and friendly, and what a great selection! I got some yarn for their free pattern, and headed out the door. By that point it was 4p, it was starting to rain, and I was 40% done. Pretty good for a Saturday (especially considering how far I’d gone). This week brings Duluth, downtown Atlanta, Decatur, and Woodstock. Can’t wait to check out the final stores and get all the stamps in my passport.

Posted by: Jess | September 24, 2010

The Return of The Knlog

Sometimes you start a Knlog with the best of intentions. And then sometimes this happens:

That’s right folks. You too can have eternal happiness if you find a man, a tractor, and a wedding band. Regardless, the whirlwindedness (I made that word up) of the last several months (from April 28th until September 5th to be specific) has prohibited me from doing what I love the most … knitting. And watching TV, but mostly knitting. Now that the pictures are taken, the tractors are shined, and the dress is muddy, I can return to my roots (or threads as the case may be).

And what a weekend to be welcomed back! Last November, I found out about the Yarn Shop Hop Atlanta about three weeks too late. This year? I’m ready baby! And it couldn’t be a better weekend for it. I have approximately $110 in my bank account (you need to spend $10 at every store plus tax to get a stamp on the old yarn passport) and hubby and daughter are out of town for the weekend on a girl scout camping trip! The world is my oyster, and I plan to hogtie it (but not with any of my new nice yarn … I’ll use the crappy acrylic stuff).

Posted by: Jess | February 6, 2010

Oh! Hey Knlog! I’ve missed you!

So the past few weeks have been busy, hence my lack of posts. Based on site statistics, I know there were many of you (maybe 4?) hoping for my return.

My latest project, Alex’s scarf, was finished a couple of weeks ago. It was an idea my mom first ran with a few years ago for me, and Alex requested a scarf in “bright summery colors.” I think I came through for her. I’ll find out for sure when I finally get my ass to the post office and send it off to Cambridge.

For Alex’s scarf, I cast on 160 stitches for all three braid pieces and then did 7 rows for each. 3360 stitches, baby!

The first rope of the braid was this a combination of Squiggle Yarn in color 2268 (lot 930529E04) and Cascade 220 Heathers in 5011 (lot 7634). I actually used two balls (that’s what she said) of the Squiggly over the Cascade 220, and it matched the 220 perfectly.

My other orange rope was double-stranded Cascade 220 in 9444 (lot 2689). Nothing too exciting to explain, so moving on …

My “talent,” as my mom calls it, was a mix of Trendsetter’s Delicious in #15 Yellow and Berroco Zen in Sutra (lot 46) (now discontinued, but I know Knitting Emporium has a couple in their discount section!).

Instead of my boring old regular “here is my scarf on a counter” picture, I had my beautiful friend, Lori, model it. Notice we took time out of the football game to accomplish this task, which just proves that yes, sometimes knitting > football.

Please ignore the random thread ... we hadn't quite trimmed yet!

Also, I’m on ravelry now … find me!

Posted by: Katie Pippel | January 30, 2010

Jumping on the neck wrap wagon. Whatever that means.

A few days ago IĀ  was with Jess “Shitty in Sherwood” LJ and she showed me the 17 great scarves she’s finished lately. Ok, maybe more like 12 but the point is it put me and my measley start to a neck wrap to shame.Ā  I had planned to put a button on but the pull through it’s own hole thing was way easier.

One ruffly end can be pulled through the hole on the other. …Barely. Next time I’ll leave a bigger hole. But it was a good learning experiment and I like quick projects because you feel accomplished so much faster.

neck warmer in action

I’ve started what might be another one… I’m experimenting with crocheting with two yarns simultaneously.

Posted by: Jess | January 23, 2010


Dear Knitting Gods,

I feel as though nothing is going right for me now knitting- wise. My stitching has gone from too tight to too loose, EVERYTHING curls or twists or looks uneven. I had ambitions… Plans…. Gifts planned out. I made one scarf that by some fluke chance looked ok (albiet twisted) but now I have hit a wall. Should I watch more how-to videos? Learn a new stitch? Sacrifice a lamb? Please help.

Shitty in Sherwood

Posted by: Katie Pippel | January 18, 2010

Kickin’ it in the Pip Kitchen

I wish I had a picture of the neck-wrap these ladies have inspired me to make. I just haven’t made it yet. šŸ˜›

I’ve been working on my other stitch-related craft – in which the needles are sharper and mechanized. Cue the sewing machine.
Our kitchen has a beautiful big bay window and during the summer it pours heat into the kitchen and directly to the living room. In fact, in late summertime every afternoon this window forms a column of sunlight directly onto our television. Also the Purple Basil and Gerber Daisies I have growing on the shelves have been complaining of having no privacy.

"Oh what a beautiful MOOOORRNING..."

It’s taken me since those hot days of summer to find the best curtains for the job. By best I mean cheap, easy to clean, and kinda cute. Thanks again, Ikea– check, check, and check. Of course they come with some no-sew iron on backing to hem the 37ft long curtains to your desired length, so you might wonder why I took the trouble to get the sewing machine out. And why I’d crow about finishing a straight hem on a curtain. Well, part of the fun of crafting is overcoming strange obstacles. I have the ironing board and the no-sew iron-on strip, just no iron to put on top of it.

The real kicker is that sewing the seam would have been 10 times easier to do if I’d had an iron with which to press the seam before I sewed.

To alleviate any frustrations I had from installing the curtain (and to have something delicious to eat while admiring the handywork) I made myself some 4×4 Chai and made cinnamon rolls.

Today's chai sweetened with Bee Loved Honey

The pizzaria that delivers in our neighborhood lets you order portions of dough with your food, so it’s becoming a habit now to order pizza for dinner plus dough so I can make rolls for the morning. This place has it listed on the menu, but I bet you could get some on request from other places.


I bid you good eating and happy crafting. šŸ˜€

Posted by: Jess | January 10, 2010

Finished Projects 1 and 2 (lots of pics)

So I have two finished projects to show off!

My first is the scarf I started in Atlanta, and was my first project that can actually be used. Although that is not to say that my sample piece did not go to good use as an eye-cover.

You may recognize the lovely model from Jess’ previous post.

Here is the scarf:

It has been almost done for awhile, but I added the fringe today. I think it really adds the professional finish.

Here is a close-up of the knit stitch:


And here is the neck warmer:

Jess gave me the recipe, it is the same neck warmer that was featured in a previous post.

Here is the close up of the purl/knit alternating stitching:

I think it came out pretty well.

Here I am wearing said warmer:

as well as a certain awesome shirt.

More projects to come!

Posted by: Jess | January 9, 2010

A trip to Michaels!

So I took a trip to Michael’s accompanied by my awesome husband, who does not mind helping me pick out yarn on a Saturday. I found some good stuff there, and I’m excited to get started on some new projects.

First up: Some orange yarn.

Project idea: An orange neck warmer that is part of a his and her’s game-day apparel set. The other one will be made with this yarn:

WOoo! Go Boise State! (They are for my husband’s parents, who are avid fans and go to home games in the cold a lot. I love you, Jenny and Kevin!!)

Next up is the yarn I picked up to make the ruffled neck warmer I previously failed to make. I chose a nice, pretty grey:

It’s hard to see the true color in a photo, but rest assured it is chunky and lovely.

Then I have a few projects to make (belated Christmas presents, because I am that lame.) For the first project I am making a neck warmer for my Katie. For her I chose a multi-colored super soft yarn:

I am super tempted to keep it to myself, but I will not!

And my last yarn purchase was a smaller skein of apple green crimped-style yarn to make a headband for Emily:

This one is so soft and so pretty that I am FAIRLY sure I will be buying more for myself sometime soon. šŸ™‚

Like when I learn how to make a hat.

Anyone have tips on hat making?

Posted by: Jess | January 9, 2010

Haley Ann

There is no doubt to anyone that I love my SO’s 8-year-old, Haley. And this whole knitting thing? It ultimately started because she wanted to learn.

Last weekend was very exciting, because she finally GOT IT. She had the cast-on thing down without a doubt, but doing the actual knitting was a little difficult for her. Finally, we figured out what she was doing wrong last weekend, and she became a knitting fiend.

The deal was that she had to do 20 rows on a small scarf (think of a size that would fit well around a doll’s neck). It took her about a half hour. Once completed, we went to the yarn store and she got to pick whatever she wanted. After spending about an hour at Jo-Ann’s, she finally picked this stuff. She picked out three fantastic color schemes, and was very happy with her purchase. I got her a little knitting bag (one of Jo-Anns reusable bags) and she went home last weekend with all her stuff.

Well, as you might know from the post below, Trav and I got a puppy. We finally decided on a name today, but it was close to Haley’s middle name (Ann for Haley, Annie for puppy). We wanted to make sure it was okay with her, and she loved it. After she finished talking to her dad, I got on the phone with her and asked her about knitting. She said she hadn’t knit for a couple of days because of the snow (we got like 1/4″, but hey … it’s Georgia), but before that she had done a lot but couldn’t remember how to cast off. I started to tell her how to do it and she interrupted me with “WAIT! Let me get some paper!”

Now, I know this isn’t as exciting to all of you as it is to me, but Haley? She doesn’t exactly stick with things (Hannah Montana is the exception to the rule). So I couldn’t hide my glee while carefully telling her the directions while she copied down how to cast off. She told me she was going to knit again after the snow melted, and I can’t WAIT to see what she has next weekend when we see her again.

I love that little girl so much, and I am SO excited that we get to share this very cool thing of yarn arts. She wants to start her own yarn blog … I told her we would get her a username here and then she can post if she wants. So possibly look for that next weekend!

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